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BBC Approved Equipment


Video My Wedding uses two video Cameras to film every wedding.


- Full HD

- Final Cut Pro Edit Suite

- Crystal Clear Audio



Wedding videographer

Wedding videographer UK

Wedding videographer UK

Wedding Entertainment Packages


No expense spared! All of the equipment that James uses is of the highest quality, allowing you to feel safe in the knowledge that your Special Wedding Day has been filmed and edited using Broadcast Television quality equipment.

apple imac 27" + Final Cut Pro

This central processing unit was made for video editing, meaning that this machine can handle any job it is given. It's massive 27" HD screen means that every single pixel of your Wedding video will undergo a full and complete Edit service.

Final Cut Pro is one of the best Edit Software packages money can buy and is what most Television programmes are edited with. This results in every aspect of your Wedding Day looking fantastic and memories that will last forever!

Canon XF300 & Canon XF100 Full HD Camcorders

These Canon cameras are simply unbeatable! Many other Wedding Videographers on the market opt for the much cheaper Sony & Panasonic equivalent cameras, however due to this the picture & sound quality is sacrificed and the end product turns out disappointing!

James uses the Canon XF300 and Lizzie operates the Canon XF100. This results in dual camera filming in crystal clear Full HD, ideal for covering your day in full detail. Ceremonies are shot from both the front and back allowing for seamlessly integrated constructed viewing. Also, formatted in PAL and set in 16:9 Widescreen mode means that your Wedding video will look great on any size TV, no matter how Big or Small! For the crystal clear audio, we use a variety of different microphones, including a lapel mic on the groom to capture those all important vows!

Manfrotto Carbon Tripods

The tripod is an essential piece of kit, which allows for smooth panning shots as well as steady fixed position shots. The light weight Carbon Fibre Manfrotto tripod that James uses is ideal for it's manoeuvrability and use on indoor and outdoor locations.

This makes it an ideal piece of equipment, especially for Weddings as it is ready to tackle any job that it is faced with. Its black Colour also adds to its discreteness.